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Michelle A. (Veteran)

Great way to relieve pain and relax. i was referred to North County Acupuncture for chronic migraines, and couldn’t be happier with the results. After only a few visits, I started to have fewer margarines and less neck pain. An added bonus is how relaxed I feel at the end of the session. Joe is always very kind and thorough and I have recommended him to several people.


February 2019

James H. (Veteran)

When you first walk in to North County Acupuncture, you will immediately notice the calm inviting atmosphere. You will be greeted by Joe and Kathleen Voss who will make you feel at home. You are there because you are in pain as I was. My visit with this specialist has greatly assisted me in recovering from my neck and shoulder injuries suffered in combat and later in an automobile accident. I could hardly move my neck from left to right and now at this stage of my treatment, just after 6 visits, my neck now has much more maneuverability.

As a 100% disabled veteran, I am pleased to recommend North County Acupuncture to any of my brothers and sisters who have served and are now living in pain.


November 2018

Bell’s Palsy

I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy 6 months ago.  When my friend saw my condition she told me to go to an acupuncturist, so I decided to give it a try.  After a quick web search, I found Joe Voss at North County Acupuncture.

He is so kind and explained all about acupuncture at my first session.  I saw constant improvement during my treatment with Joe and after 3 months of treatment I can close my eye and I can smile again.

I would recommend Joe Voss to anyone!



October 24, 2018

Tommy S. (Vietnam Veteran) [Video] can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Tommy S. (Vietnam Veteran) (

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