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Jeff Armstrong

Jeff graduated Magna Cum Laude from Pacific College of Health Science in San Diego, CA in 2009 earning a Masters in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.  He currently holds a license  in CA and has a  National Accreditation for Acupuncture.  After becoming board certified in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, he completed two post-graduate courses.  The first, Classical Five Element Acupuncture, is based on traditional acupuncture and the second, Sports Medicine Acupuncture,  is a modern approach weaving new science based evidence into acupuncture.   The Classical Five Element style is adept at comprehensively treating the body, mind, and spirit of the patient.  Sports Medicine Acupuncture (C.SMa) is the premier certification for treatment of orthopedic injuries.

Jeffs acupuncture style is focused on postural alignment and functional movement patterns.  Addressing these two aspects help alleviate many orthopedic concerns and decrease pain throughout the body by restoring proper blood and lymph flow.  This usually includes both acupuncture and specific exercises.  In addition to Acupuncture, Jeff is a strong advocate for eating a nutrient dense diet to promote, recover, and maintain health.  By letting ‘food be thy medicine,’ many disease processes can be minimized if not outright reversed. He loves to cook as a hobby and is an excellent resource for cooking techniques, recipes, and tips.

Jeff’s core philosophy is one of simple effectiveness.  Restore anatomical function, promote proper movement, encourage a proper diet, and help to facilitate restorative sleep.  These have been his guiding principles for over a decade and have served him well in his mission to becoming a whole body healing practitioner.  All of these combine to increase an individuals resilience to illness and dysfunction that will occur in life.  It is his goal to guide, heal, and teach his patients to ensure they are armed with the knowledge and ability to maintain health.  When not treating patients he is either at home cooking for his family, hiking with them, or at a yoga class.

Joseph Voss L.Ac.
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