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Neck Pain

What causes neck pain?

Neck pain stems from a number of different causes; muscle tension or spasms, pinched nerves, arthritis, and overuse that leads to inflammation and swelling.  Regardless of the specific cause, when blood flow is blocked or restricted, tissues are not receiving the proper oxygen, nutrients, or nerve impulses that are necessary for normal, pain-free function.

How do we treat it?

We select the neural nodes to be treated based on the specific location of the pain as well as the meridian pathways that are affected. The treatments are designed to not only relieve your symptoms, but to also treat the underlying cause of your pain.

In a study conducted at a Swedish hospital, doctors concluded that acupuncture provided long-term low back pain relief along with improvements in physical activity levels, quality of sleep and the diminished use of pain medication.


“Acupuncture represents a highly promising and effective treatment option for chronic back pain. Patients experienced not only reduced pain intensity, but also reported improvements in the disability that often results from back pain, and therefore in their quality of life.” – H. Endres, MD


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