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Intentive Healing

Ancient philosophers and mystics were aware that by deliberately using meditation, Qi Gong (Chinese breathing exercises) and other Intentive Practices, they could change, for the better, the function and physiology of the human body, and they mindfully tapped into this energy for enhanced health and well-being.

Over the past few decades, there have been numerous studies that use imaging technology and scientific methodology to prove these healing energy fields and frequencies, which have been utilized for thousands of years through Intentive practices, do actually exist. It is our practice to take full advantage of this new/old knowledge, so we have chosen to consciously apply these Intentive Practices in our treatments.

The science of Intentive Healing focuses mindful attention with healing intention to promote the full potential of your mind and body’s energy fields and frequencies. We do this by not only treating the root causes of your diagnosed injury or illness but by also consciously promoting your mind and body’s natural self-healing capabilities. Our Intentive Practices acknowledge that we live in a world of things seen and unseen, and science has taught us that while we do not always see, or yet understand, the why or how of something happening—there is always a cause and a reason. So by focusing our mindful attention on the healing intention towards your optimum health, we add another dimension to the efficacy of your healing process.

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