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In today’s modern society, many people are dealing with chronic pain, whether from stress, injury or some other cause. This is why our acupuncture clinic in Oceanside exists. Designed to provide an effective solution to the burden of pain, insomnia, Bell’s palsy and other conditions, acupuncture taps into the power of ancient Chinese medicine. Are you suffering from a never-ending cycle of pain? Have you seen multiple health practitioners and not found relief? Acupuncture is a natural, non-surgical treatment that could return you to the freedom of a pain-free life.

When you choose our acupuncture clinic in Oceanside, CA, you’ll benefit from an established therapeutic method that’s been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. North County Acupuncture™ is a proud to be a top acupuncture clinic in Oceanside, CA, and one of the best facilities you can choose for effective care.

As an acupuncture doctor in Oceanside with more than two decades of experience helping patients, Joseph Voss, L.Ac., believes that true and lasting health is achieved when the mind, body and spirit are in balance. This includes being balanced within ourselves, as well as in relation to our external environment. As we improve the circulation and flow of blood and Qi (energy) with acupuncture, the internal aspects of our being become balanced and healthy. We feel better and function at a higher level. This, in turn, improves our relationship with our external environment. Our bodies become more resistant to disease, and our ability to handle stress improves. This leads to a greater enjoyment of life and all it has to offer. At North County Acupuncture™, we invite you to try this treatment and see how it can change your life.

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"Joe is one of the kindest individuals I've ever met. His calm,confident energy is felt the moment you walk through the door. He genuinely listens to your needs and treats the whole person, not just a set of symptoms. I truly look forward to my treatments each week. Fabulous human being."

Bridget T.


  • Back injuries are the most common reason, after the common cold, for non-attendance in the workplace.
  • 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain.
  • Only 23% of those with chronic pain find opioids effective; growing numbers have sought out acupuncturists for their chronic pain.
  • More than 8 million Americans have used acupuncture.
  • Medical doctors refer their patients to acupuncturists more than to any other “alternative” care provider.
  • 51% of medical doctors believe acupuncture to be efficacious and of value to their patients.
  • Acupuncturists complete a minimum of 3,000 hours of theoretical and clinical training.

Why Choose North County Acupuncture™

When you’re looking for the best and most reputable acupuncture clinic in Oceanside, CA, choose North County Acupuncture™. Our philosophy of respecting the human body and its capacity for healing allows us to treat each patient with a fresh, open perspective that blends trust and familiarity. We care for people with a wide range of conditions, from arthritis and back pain to common colds, carpal tunnel and headaches. Sometimes cancer patients also seek our help with pain relief. We work with people suffering from Bell’s palsy who come to us for the specific protocol and treatment plan we designed to treat the condition. Whatever your ailment, you can trust us to provide the skilled, compassionate care you need.

Are you ready to try a safe, effective, drug-free alternative for pain relief? Book an appointment with our acupuncture clinic in Oceanside today!

TCM and Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is an inherited disease that disrupts normal function of the epithelial cells in the body.  Epithelial cells line the passageways of many of our vital organs, including the lungs, liver, kidneys, reproductive system and the skin. Those who have cystic fibrosis have a defective gene that impairs epithelial cell function. This can lead to a buildup of sticky mucus throughout the body that may eventually lead to lung damage and chronic coughing, affecting how patients with cystic fibrosis breathe and filter air, digest their food and absorb the nutrients from that food. In the United States alone, there are nearly 12 million people who suffer from this disease. Unfortunately, there is no known cure and most of those affected with the disease only live into their 20s and 30s. Current modern medicine treatments focus on increasing the quality of life by managing symptoms.

Acupuncture and Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases are a collective group of disorders that plague nearly 50 million people in the United States today. When a person suffers from an autoimmune disease it means their own immune system is attacking the body and altering or destroying the tissues. Autoimmune diseases include things like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Crohn’s disease, pernicious anemia, multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Five Reasons to Get Acupuncture for Low Back Pain

Statistics show eight out of 10 people will experience low back pain at some point during their life. Seeking medical treatment for back pain is very common. Typically back pain is fleeting and can be easily resolved with rest, heat and an occasional anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen. However, once the damage is done, the recurrence of back pain can be as high as 50 percent. Part of this is because as we age, things like muscles and tendons become less flexible and pliable. It is also very well known in the United States, people are too sedentary and this leads to excess weight gain that can create added pressure on the body, especially the low back.